Can you see now how important is to be aware of your Core Values?

Our values inform our thoughts, words and actions. Our values are important because they help us to grow and develop. They help us to create the future we want to experience. The decisions we make are a reflection of our values and beliefs, and they are always directed towards a specific purpose.

And happiness as an emergent property only can emerge, with strong relationships, with members of our families, and people close to us, as neighbors, and workplace, and for success in these relationships the best tool is to live in values.

Bhagwan Shree Sanjay Sai Baba says the very essence of being born as Human is being Honest. As Human we should be always aware and alert about everything not only what is happening around us but also what is there inside us.

Human values are those stepping stones which connects one with the world and also with the one’s inner self and finally it connects all of us to the very purpose of our existence.

At SSSG Human Values are the core learning essentials. All the Gurus at SSSG impart Human Values to the kids with all the compassion and love which transforms children from Human being to being Human.

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