In Sanskrit, Vedic Chanting is referred to as Adhyayanam, which literally means a journey back to the Self. What it reveals is a journey back to your soul, the innermost and eternal part of yourself. It’s a journey to the essence of your own sound, the symphony of your soul. It’s the journey all Yogis strive for in their life and chanting will accompany and softly lead you on that journey back into your own heart.

At Shree Sanjay Sai Gurukul we provide training to the children from the age group of 6yrs to 16yrs at different levels. They start with level 1 then they keep on graduating from first to the other levels.

Once they complete these levels then we enroll them to our youth wing covering various other Youth activities and practical human value projects. Though we start the teaching at an early stage but there is no age limit to start this practice.

Anyone can do it

Whether you are young or old, fit or unfit, religious or atheist, anybody can benefit from the practice of mantras. Even people with impaired speech can recite mantras mentally. One can use mantras that are connected with forces of nature (sun, moon, stars, the forest, etc) or use mantras that stress certain themes (removal of fear, faith in oneself, compassion, etc). Mantra practices will make us feel lighter and connected and they can be chanted everywhere and by everybody.

You connect to the roots of Yoga

The Vedic mantras were not written by human beings, they are “apaurusheya”, meaning they were received from a divine source in deep states of meditation. There is no authorship with Vedic mantras. The way and ritual in which the mantras were recited in the past connected you to the Rishi who first received the mantra as well as to the seed syllables within the mantras and to what we call its Shakti- it’s inherent power. Therefore, when reciting mantras, you directly connect back to the Yogic tradition and the distinct divine energy that is revealed through the vibration of the mantra. Like this, you are linking yourself back to the very roots of Yoga and tap into something that is incredibly ancient, pure and powerful.

You create a new positive pattern of vibration within you

Sound is known as the most fundamental part of matter and therefore the most fundamental part of you! In Yoga and Samkhya philosophy, this most fundamental part of the matter all elements, as well as our senses, are made up of this subtle most part of the matter. From a modern perspective, if we look at the human being in its atomic structure, we understand that we are nothing else than vibrating atoms.

You will feel more healthy

The Vedic tradition offers a multitude of different mantras, which also include healing mantras. Some of them address ailments in the body, some of them address diseases in the emotions or the mind. Mantras also help us to feel calmer and at peace, more centered and less stressed.

Albert Einstein confirmed this by saying: "Everything in life is Energy “. And all this energy vibrates in a particular frequency depending on the speed of atoms, objects appear in our eye as solid, liquid or gas. Vedic Chanting introduces pure and high frequency sounds to our system that can change our overall vibration. Diseases can be altered and negative thought patterns (which reflect nothing else but an energy vibrating in a particular frequency) can be changed.

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