"Never stop learning, because life never stops teaching"

The mission of Shree Sanjay Sai Vidya Mandir is "EDUCATION TO EMPOWER NOT ONLY MIND BUT ALSO SOUL".

The objective of Shree Sanjay Sai Vidya Mandir is to provide free and Holistic education to all which is developmental and integrative in character leading to the nurturing of every child into a multi competent individual.

Good education is the royal highway to personal and national growth. The only remedy for ignorance is knowledge. The strategy for developing and ensuring quality education and overall development of the child has been the focus for excellence in Shree Sanjay Sai Vidya Mandir.

Under the management of Shree Sanjay Sai Education trust powered by Shree Sanjay Sai Sewa Organisation, Nepal. The School has its own history of evolution starting from a small house, today it stands in huge ten rupani land area at Balkot, Bhakthapur district serving more than 450 children as on date. It has very well qualified teachers along with all possible modern infrastructure right from the Science Laboratory, Computer labs, well managed library, Food Canteen where fresh food is made and served to the children, sports ground, playground and a huge Auditorium.

The school does lot of projects including human values which constantly provides transformational and experimental education whereby each student involves in the values system and evolves gradually.

  • This process of project based learning not only helps the child to gain knowledge but also wisdom.
  • It helps to create and sustain the values of truth, righteousness, brotherhood, peace, love and non-violence in all spheres thereby creating the able and responsible leaders and citizens of future.
  • All the projects are carried in a way were theory, workshop and practical implementation are all blended together with fun filled activities.
  • This learning methodology makes the students aware about their duties, inculcates discipline, time management, positive thinking, need of community services, above all faith in oneself and God.

Shree Sanjay Sai Vidya Mandir celebrates all the festivals in its entirety teaching the real importance and value of why each festival is being celebrated. They teach the "JOY OF CELEBRATION".

Shree Sanjay Sai Baba says "When you fill each moment of your life with joy then the life itself becomes a celebration". He says the whole objective of the school is not only providing intellectual education which is used to earn living but also teaching children how to transform from human to being human.

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