Welcome to ! Shree Sanjay Sai Gurukul

In Shree Sanjay Sai Gurukul we teach shlokas, human values through various stories, games, quizzes etc… Children participate in various events like dance, dramas, debates, speeches in the centers across the world with the headquarter in Nepal, Kathmandu. Our team works tirelessly each day to contribute their part to the greater good by creating and nurturing values in the young minds.

It Offers

  • Embryonic wisdom be nurtured for its fullest growth and progress with love and gentleness.
  • All round development, encouragement for innovation and forever sustaining.
  • Eradication from mental slavery.
  • Purposeful learning accessible.
  • Gradual elevation of deprived and destitute of the society in practicality, morality, creativity and confidence.

Once these dignified preambles are translated into realities, to some extent we can assume that the aim of the mission is accomplished. However, it’s a long march from nursery to embolden an able citizen ultimately, yet respective encouragement shall always be available by the Mentor himself. A seed is sowed at a primary level today, it shall nevertheless grow higher and higher. If student could but catch this one ray from the luminary, then the darkest corners of their heads and hearts would be illumined with understanding and untainted knowledge.

Over and above this the parent organisation Shree Sanjay Sai Sewa Organisation (SSSSO) has also established the only free School in Nepal which is
Shree Sanjay Sai Vidya Mandir, Kathmandu. The vision and mission of establishing the school is "Free education for all".

SSSSO also undertakes various projects under the paradigm of being human in various fields and children do participate in these projects where they learn why they should have heart to give, gratitude, simplicity, honesty, welfare for the society so on and so forth.

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